Company Approach

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Occupational Health and Safety is seen as our primary priority in all of our work areas and job sites.

  • All effective legislation is observed in our work places regarding the protection of the health of our employees and providing labor safety,
  • In order to ensure their active participation and support, the health and safety precautions to be maintained at our workplaces are continuously shared with our employees
  • Our workers are represented by a Worker’s Representative in our job sites and mutual decision taking in the Occupational Health and Safety Boards is enabled, 
  • Technological developments in the field of Occupational Health and Safety is monitored closely, and applied in our work places to the possible extent,
  • We believe that occupational accidents can be avoided and with this belief we take all the measures in the highest level.

Environmental Policy

As AGE Group; from day one we keep acting with the awareness of our responsibility towards nature while fulfilling our commitments.  We have seen the protection and remediation of the environment as an inseparable part of our job.

From this understanding, we undertake to;

  • Continuously improve our performance and service quality regarding environmental protection,
  • Carry out all our job sites and investments with minimum environmental impact
  • Contributing to create sustainable resource usage awareness amongst our employees and all our stakeholders,
  • Creating and developing the awareness of recycling and waste management amongst our stakeholders

Performing all legal obligations,

And we continuously strive to develop our environment management systems to leave a better world for the future generations.

Quality Policy

In all of our activity fields we work to be an exemplary company both locally and globally, by continuously improving and developing the quality system we have established with our principle of “We are all responsible for quality” through:

  • Taking the principle of integrity and trust as the basis,
  • A world standard understanding of quality,
  • The use of best equipment and the most modern engineering power,
  • Team spirit with all of our employees, with creativity,
  • Continuous trainings, developing our qualifications,
  • Environmental and work safety consciousness,
  • Fully complying with current laws and legislations.