Areas of Expertise

Dams and Energy Projects

7 Dam Constructions for irrigation and security purposes have been completed.

8 HEPP Projects including dam and weir types have been completed.

One NGCCPP Project which is also an AGE Investment has been completed.

Within the scope of dam and energy works, until 2017:

  • 16 Projects of USD 1,510,000,000 have been completed.
  • Total Installed Capacity of HEPP Projects in Progress: 796 MW
  • Total Installed Capacity of the completed CCPP Project: 205 MW
  • Total Installed Capacity of Committed Energy Projects: 1,001 MW

Infrastructure Projects

Below listed projects are within the Infrasturcture section;

  • Potable Water Projects: Network and Transmission Lines, Reservoirs and Pump Stations are constructed
  • Sewage Projects: Network and Transmission Lines, Pump Stations and Deep Sea Discharge works are built.
  • Landscaping Projects: Landscaping and Stripping works are built.
  • Oil Transportation: Crude Oil Transmission Pipelines are constructed.

Infrastructure activities until 2017:

  • 11 Projects are completed with a total cost of 135,400,000 USD.
  • 1 Project is ongoing with a total cost of 13,600,000 USD.
  • Pipes of 525,957 m in various diameters and types are laid.
  • 8 Reservoirs with a total capacity of 100,000 m³ have been constructed.

Superstructure Projects

Within the scope of superstructure works until 2017, 59 projects of USD 553,100,000 have been completed. And the total construction area with these projects is 1,366,514 m².

Irrigation Projects

Within the scope og irrigation projects, 23 projects worth 731,500,000 USD has been completed by AGE Construction. Total irrigated area with these projects is 167,541 Ha.

The total  3 projects in progress the total irrigated area is 24,973 Ha.

Transportation Projects

47.5 kilometers of highway with 2 projects and 3,235 meters of metro lines with 1 project had been completed by AGE Construction. 

Suleymania Airport which has 1,000,000 annual passenger capacity has also been completed within the scope of our transportation projects.  

The total value of our 8 completed projects in transportation area is 101,100,000 USD.

38,000 m of Railway Tunnel is being constructed with 2 ongoing projects on Himalayan Belt. The total cost of our ongoing transportation projects is 360,000,000 USD